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1993 Honda CBR900RR – Some TLC Needed

1993 Honda CBR900RR Some TLC Needed

It’s another Friday, and we’re back again with another Honda. It’s even sourced from the same forum as before – the Bay Area Riders Forum. In searching for last week’s post, a few gems stood out and I knew I had to get to this one after last week’s Gold Wing post. Why? Well, here’s the story behind this 1993 Honda CBR900RR, straight from the seller himself:

We all love a good story: First engine blew up and got rid of that. Put in another 1993 CBR900RR engine – unknown mileage but it works fine. I did a compression test and it was fine. I also did a valve adjustment then too when replacing the engine. The bike runs but the carbs need to be tuned/cleaned. It has had issues getting started without a bit of extra fuel thrown in but it started up just fine on Nov 4. The choke cable needs to be replaced. The choke cables seem to come pre-rusted from the factory.

It has nearly new Bridgestone S22s. Registration is paid up through July or somewhere around there. The paintwork and bodywork is rough – the seat needs to be reupholstered. It has aftermarket rearsets (they’re nice), aftermarket levers, and an aftermarket exhaust. (It’s a nice one but it is a *bit* loud) It has some sliders as well.

$1000 takes it and I will throw in a motorcycle cover, any spare parts I have, factory service manual and the aftermarket service manual. I want it gone. I restored this bike at one point and had it working beautifully then the engine blew and I lost motivation to go through it all again. (Admittedly I did get it working – I just didn’t have the patience to get it working perfectly)

1993 Honda CBR900RR Some TLC Needed

The CBR900RR was a cool bike for its day. As the other manufacturers were resorting to bigger displacement in their sportbikes, Honda thought it could go a different direction with a bike that outperformed the competition as a cohesive package, with a smaller 900cc engine wrapped in a chassis that was more nimble than the rest.

History tells us that the other OEMs responded by making motorcycles with 1000cc engines and proper chassis that could handle them, but before all that, the 900RR deserves credit for being a fun and capable machine that’s more appreciated now than it was when it was new.

1993 Honda CBR900RR Some TLC Needed

If you’re one of those people who appreciates them – and you know your way around a toolbox – this could be the bike for you. Mechanically, it doesn’t seem like a total loss, and with a little TLC applied to the rest of the bike, it could be a fun little toy for not a lot of money. The unknown history of the engine basically axes your chances of getting any significant money if you were to sell it again, but if you’re mechanically competent and looking for a (potentially) easy flip, this could be the ticket.

Granted, it doesn’t appear as though the seller has been very responsive on the forum lately, but nonetheless, if you want a crack at it you can check it out here.

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