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Further Forum Foraging: 2014 Kawasaki ZX-14R

Meanwhile in ZXforums, 185EZ has decided it’s time to part with his 2014 ZX-14R. As you all should be aware, this is one steamy chariot – a motorcycle that challenged the Hayabusa for top-speed honors while performing steamy, 9-second quarter-miles in stock form. Kawasaki would like to sell you a new (and probably improved) one, for $16,599, but the only good reason not to to do that is that this slightly used one’s barely done 11,000 miles, and the seller says it doesn’t have a scratch on it.

In fact, it looks like EZ185’s bike at least has a Throttlemeister cruise control, whereas the new bike still has none.

And since the stock 190-some horsepower wasn’t enough, this one’s also got a Power Commander 5 and an ECU job by Schnitz Racing, and a Graves exhaust. Chuck Graves. The Puig windscreen adds a bit more hurricane-force wind protection looks like; there’s Garmin GPS, and the radar detector is optional (who would bother to chase you in the modern era?).

Add it all up, fill the 5.8-gallon tank with hi-test, and you could be screaming across the wide open spaces homeward from Lake Havasu, at inadmissible speeds in no time at all – for under $10 Gs.

Judging from EZ’s garage floor, which you could dine on, this one looks like a sweet deal. Not only is EZ185 a member of ZXforums, he’s an administrator.

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