How to Park a Motorcycle on a Hill: Parking Uphill vs. Downhill

How to Park a Motorcycle on a Hill Parking Uphill vs Downhill

Parking Your Motorcycle Uphill


The motorcycle should always be parked so that it is at an angle from the curb, which will allow you to ride back into traffic when you get back on more efficiently. 

For example, one thing you may not want to do is park your motorcycle with the side stands leaning in the direction downhill. Doing this will lead to consequences that could be disastrous. It can also make the process of up-righting the bike very difficult. However, if you do park in this position, you should at least try to park the bike, so it’s at 35 degrees compared to the curb, which will help increase stability. 

Apply little pressure to the front tire to ensure it is snugly placed against the curb. 

You may need to change the angle at which you park depending on how steep the hills are, the condition of the curb near you, and the weight of your bike. To avoid any unintentional catastrophes, always ensure that your bike is sturdy after parking it.

It is also critical that you are aware of the location of the motorcycle’s side stand.

Suppose you park with the side-stand in a position leaning up the hill. In that case, this can create stability problems as well. In this position, your bike is at risk of tipping over. To help ward off this possibility, place the bike, so it is about 45 degrees or so from the curb.

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