Top 10 Motorcycle Twitter Feeds You Should Follow

Over the last several years, the popularity of social networking sites has skyrocketed. Users of social networks benefit from a variety of services and perks, including the ability to meet new people, discuss thoughts with like-minded individuals, and keep in touch with old friends and coworkers. For a motorcycle rider, social networks mean being in contact with other bikers, knowing new places to ride, and getting information about great products and events.

We have put together a list of the top 10 motorcycles Twitter feeds you should follow:

10 Motorcycle Twitter Feeds You Should Follow

The official twitter feed for HD makes our top ten because they’re obviously a mogul within the motorcycle community, but following their twitter feed also means you get newsworthy updates on events and store specials across the country. You’ll also find a great bit of community influence on this page with “photo of the day” updates and links to their popular internet series “Rider Stories” which features interviews with female motorcycle riders.

Shoei Helmets official feed for the USA is one of the more fun twitter accounts to follow because they tweet about the riders who wear their helmets. This is a great feed to follow if you’re interested in professional racing or if you’re just a fan of a good old photography  action shot. Shoei Helmets USA also tweets about their products on occasion, but this feed is definitely focused on their enthusiasm for the sport – something I think we can all appreciate.

Motorcycle News is hands down one of the most important twitter feeds to follow if you’re a motorcycle fanatic. They’re a reliable new source that not only provides updates on events and editorial reviews, but also reports on new products and technology innovations from some of the top motorcycle brands in the world. This is where you’ll find the most current news for all types of motorcycling.

Motorcycle Classics official twitter feed is one of my favorites. Every motorcycle enthusiast has a soft spot for the gorgeous classic and the restored classic bikes – this bad ass magazine is where you’ll get your fix on all things retro.

Kelly Rogers has another great twitter feed. Not your typical motorcycle feed, Kelly is an is a super-enthusiast when it comes to motorcycles, but she’s got opinions and an activists’ streak – frequently reporting on motorcycle safety concerns. She’s also been known to share some unique photos of her own motorcycle journeys via twitter.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s twitter feed may not be the most lively feed to follow, but this is a great resource for motorcycle safety. If you’re following MSF you’ll get links to their newest PSA campaigns, statistic-based studies they release, and also a healthy portion of political happenings that pertain to motorcycling.

Another great social resource is the twitter feed for Sturgis Buffalo Chip Music Festival. If you’re an annual attendee or you’re just looking to make this your first year, this feed will keep you updated on newly added performances and other events added to the lineup for the upcoming year.

If you’re not familiar with it, Motorjournalism is a great blog about (can you guess?) Motorcycles & Photojournalism. The author, Anthony has taken his bike around the world and has captured it all for our viewing pleasure. Although I wish Anthony would get back on his bike and get us some fresh pictures, this is a great feed to follow if you’re at all interested in photography from around the world. Best of all, is obviously its motorcycle theme.

For those of you who aren’t just interested in riding your motorcycle, but also watching motorsports, the AMA Pro Road Racing feed will keep you updated on this race championship. This is the place where you’ll get all the news on your favorite racers and even some great links to videos and fundraising events for injured riders.

If you’re not a HD rider, chances are you’re rocking a bike by Honda Powersports. @HondaPowersprts will keep you updated on new products and Honda events. Best of all (IMHO) is how much interaction you see between Honda and their customers on this feed – they’re showing a commitment to the industry and their loyal customers, which absolutely gets my vote.

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