Is Motorcycle Lane Splitting Legal? Terminology & Guidelines 2022

Is Motorcycle Lane Splitting Legal Terminology Guidelines 2022

Whenever the subject of lane splitting is up for discussion, the four R’s will come into play. These refer to the following: Be Reasonable, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Beware Roadways.

Be Reasonable with your speed, as going too fast turns you into a liability to yourself and others.

Be Responsible. You are solely responsible for your safety, so make sure your decisions and actions convey this, as it also affects the people that surround you.

Be Respectful to other road users. Safely acknowledge someone who gives you extra room prior to lane splitting. Remember, although you may be legally allowed to split, other road users aren’t legally obliged to make space for you.

Beware of Roadways, for when it is combined with traffic, it can equate to potential danger. You need to be super aware of poor and uneven surfaces, wide vehicles, inattentive drivers, and poor weather while riding in heavy traffic. It, therefore, stands to reason, that it’s important to stay focused at all times in order to respond to any potential dangers. Remember to stay alert, be sensible, and if it feels wrong, ease back.

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