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2001 Honda GL 1800A Gold Wing

2001 Honda GL 1800A Gold Wing

Deep down, in the far reaches of your brain, lie thoughts about riding a Gold Wing across the country. With your feet up, radio blasting, your significant other sitting in back, and the hum of the six-cylinder purring away as the miles melt away; how could you not want to give the ‘Wing a go? It doesn’t matter what you ride now, or what genre of motorcycling you identify with – Gold Wings permeate past every single niche. What’s not to love about riding a couch on wheels?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, this lovely example of a 2001 Honda GL 1800A Gold Wing is tastefully-outfitted, ready to go, and will only set you back $7800. Located in the California Bay Area, this week’s Friday Forum Foraging submission comes to us from the Bay Area Rider’s Forum, more commonly known as BARF.

First listed in April of 2021 (no, that’s not a typo), the seller says he’s been reluctant to place an ad for it anywhere other than BARF and the GL forums because of nightmare stories of scammers targeting sellers on Craigslist and sellers getting held at gunpoint from seemingly innocent parties who want a motorcycle but have no intention of paying for it.

And so, here we are. You can see for yourself from these pictures that this ‘Wing has been well cared for during its 20,000 miles on the road. With an engine with more cylinders than my car, I’d probably pick this thing to motor across the country with if I had to pick between the two.

2001 Honda GL 1800A Gold Wing

Look at how glorious that thing is. Clean, shiny, and bright, the bike looks just as good as it did when it rolled out of whatever dealership it was sold from 22 years ago. The paint still looks great and all the chrome looks just as good. It’s probably a safe bet that whatever lies behind all that chrome and plastic has probably been well-maintained, too. The seller states that the bike recently has had an oil change with Mobil 1 and a genuine Honda oil filter, and even the final drive oil has been changed.

2001 Honda GL 1800A Gold Wing

Talk about the lap of luxury, these Hartco seats for both the pilot and copilot are lush. Those backrests look like they can give you a hug, and the passenger even has plush arm rests to enjoy. Amazing. If, for whatever reason, you want the stock seats back on, the seller says he still has them and will include them with the bike. But why?

2001 Honda GL 1800A Gold Wing

The view from the captain’s chair looks a little Starship Enterprise with all those buttons for lights, cruise control, CB radio, torpedoes, shields, missiles, and whatever else comes from Starfleet command, then he went and added to it with the phone mount, GoPro mount (with integrated power cord), and even a “deer deterrent thing.” It looks busy, but like all vehicles, you get used to it after a while.

While the bike is nearly immaculate, the seller notes the single blemish on the bike: some scratches on the left mirror “from a 0 mph drop.”

2001 Honda GL 1800A Gold Wing

Really, for dropping such a big and heavy bike in the driveway, those scratches don’t look that bad and could probably buff right out. Frankly, I’m surprised the mirror didn’t break off.

Someone get this Gold Wing and rack up more miles on the odometer like Mr. Honda intended. It seems like a great deal for the right person.

Check out the listing here.

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