How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Body Armor

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Body Armor

Riding suits come in different materials and options for pockets and closures. You may enjoy a one-piece suit with a racing feel for all-weather riding. Beyond the one-piece option, two-piece suits connect around the waist to simulate a one-piece and add extra weather protection while riding. You can also use the jacket or pants separately on a ride, where a one-piece is an all-or-nothing option.

Both suits offer strategic armor placements in the shoulders, back, elbows, hips, legs, and knees. They typically feature cinch-up wrists and ankles to help with wind and weather penetration. Leather and a Kevlar hybrid are plentiful in the hot summer, especially if you need extra abrasion protection. If you intend to ride in rain and wind, a textile material does a great job of shedding water.

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