10 Essential Tips for Motorcycle Group Riding

10 Essential Tips for Motorcycle Group Riding

During the ride, the group will encounter straight sections of road and curvy sections. In this situations, motorcycle riding formations are a crucial factor to ensure safety during the road. In the straight section, the lead rider should take a position in the left third of the riding lane. This will give them the best ability to see around traffic ahead of the group and to monitor oncoming traffic or debris on  the road ahead. 

The next or second rider will ride approximately one second behind the leader and in the right third of the lane. The third rider continues the trend by riding in the left third of the lane, one second behind the second rider and two seconds behind the leader. The riders behind that continue the pattern until the group is complete and staggered accordingly.

A birds eye view example of a staggered formation 10 Essential Tips for Motorcycle Group RidingVideo courtesy of Hamleshmotah.com

Each member should ride in a single-file line approximately two seconds apart in a curvy section of the road. You should adjust the spacing and lane position for safety, giving each member time to adjust to any other traffic and changing conditions. Avoid riding side by side, as it doesn’t allow either rider the option to move carefully within the lane to avoid other traffic or road debris. 

There will be too much opportunity for the riders to contact each other. In conditions with limited visibility or other constraints, consider which formations (staggered or single-file) will provide the safest condition for the riders and choose it accordingly.

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