What to Expect From A Motorcycle Accident Settlement in 2022

What to Expect From A Motorcycle Accident Settlement in 2022

A common dispute arising in motorcycle property damage claims has to do with damage unrelated to the accident. There could be rust or other evidence spotted by an insurance adjuster leading to the conclusion that it was there before the most recent accident, so the insurance company refuses to pay for it.

Recent photographs of your motorcycle can give you a decided edge in negotiating a settlement for property damage.

Motorcycle accident settlement discussions in property damage claims usually occur soon after the motorcycle is inspected by a claims adjuster. If your claim is filed under your collision coverage, fault in causing the accident is not an issue. This is not the case when you are seeking payment from the insurer for the other party. Even if the evidence shows their insured was at fault in causing the accident, adjusters will look for any excuse to pass as much of the responsibility on to you.

For example, collisions between cars and motorcycles frequently occur when the motorcycle is making a left turn across the lane in which the car is traveling or making a right turn to enter the flow of traffic. Adjusters routinely attempt to place some of the responsibility upon the motorcyclist. This can lead to protracted negotiations and could force a motorcyclist to accept less than the full cost of repairs unless the person is willing to go to court.

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