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Pando Moto Capo Cor 1 Jacket Review

Pando Moto Capo Cor 1 Jacket Review

Pando Moto Capo Cor 1 Jacket Review

Ever since I slipped my watermelon-crushing thighs between the stretchy Dyneema-infused layers of the Pando Moto Steel Black jeans, I’ve been very happy with them. The Steel Black jeans were the first pair of riding denim that fit my curves comfortably – and I still use them more than any other pair in my closet to this day. 

This past November, I had the chance to meet the Lithuania-based Pando Moto crew in person at EICMA. I got to check out the new collection in its entirety and chat with the young energetic gang working the booth, which included folks from sales, marketing, and even the founder, Marius Bieliauskas. On display was a mannequin wrapped with scuffed, but intact, Pando Moto gear. Turns out it was Marius’ gear from that one time he had some of his coworkers drag him behind a truck to test the gear himself. 

Pando Moto Capo Cor 1 Jacket Review

In the interest of trying something new, I spoke with the company reps about some of their jackets. Pando Moto makes everything from armored base layers to jackets, jeans, and gloves for both men and women, though the majority of the product line seems to be centered around bottoms. I opted to give the lightweight denim Capo Cor 1 jacket a go.

pando moto capo cor 1 jacket Pando Moto Capo Cor 1 Jacket Review

The Capo Cor 1 jacket is CE-approved with a performance level A rating (16 meter slide distance). The SAS-TEC armor used in the shoulders and elbows is also CE-approved at EN1621-1:2012.

The Capo jacket uses Pando Moto’s 12-ounce super-stretch Cordura denim with Coolmax tech baked in. That means you get an unrestricted fit that will help keep you cool in the warmer months with the additional peace of mind that those expensive tattoos of yours won’t end up road rashed should the inevitable occur on your way to the cafe. The jacket also feels relatively lightweight, bridging the shirt/jacket realms – which is also to say, it’s really comfortable without feeling bulky. Discrete SAS-TEC TripleFlex armor comes with the jacket to place into the shoulder and elbow pockets, and a back protector can also be purchased separately to round out the impact absorption. 

Pando Moto Capo Cor 1 Jacket Review Pando Moto Capo Cor 1 Jacket Review

In the Capo, you can wander amongst civilians unannounced, keeping your dirty little two-wheeled secret to yourself, which for most looking at this sort of gear, is the point. The Pando shacket has just about the same heft as other normal denim jackets in my closet but without the extra bulk that handwarmer pockets add – because there aren’t any. This could be a deal breaker for some. It does, however, have two long breast pockets that will easily swallow a pair of shades and/or a lightweight, floppy pair of leather ropers and an inside zippered pocket big enough to fit your wallet.

Pando Moto Capo Cor 1 Jacket Review Pando Moto Capo Cor 1 Jacket Review

The overall fit is snug, but the amount of stretch offers uninhibited mobility. If you find yourself on the larger end of a size and don’t want a skin tight fit (or would like to have the option of layering), I would suggest sizing up. With a back protector installed, the torso of my medium sized Capo Cor 1 is a bit more snug than I prefer. I blame the jacket – there is definitely no correlation between its snugness and my increase in stress-induced (double) IPA consumption. 

Pando Moto Capo Cor 1 Jacket Review Pando Moto Capo Cor 1 Jacket Review

The armpit vents are just barely noticeable, but nice to have when you need them.

Like the Steel Black jeans I’ve come to love, the Capo Cor jacket is yet another example of Pando Moto’s exquisite attention to detail. There are nice thoughtful additions throughout including pit zips for those sweltering days, snaps to keep the tips of your collar from coming up and incessantly rapping against your helmet at speed, and even a little fuzzy rectangle on the left arm for slapping your favorite Velcro-backed patch onto. And while those features are welcome, it’s really the excellent caliber of the stitching throughout the garment that truly drives home the quality feel for me. 

Pando Moto Capo Cor 1 Jacket Review Pando Moto Capo Cor 1 Jacket Review

I would rather have button closures at the wrist than Velcro.

There’s really only one nit that I’ve found to pick with the Capo Cor 1 jacket – the wrist closures. Forgoing the traditional snap or button design of most jackets of this style, or even the gusseted zippered closure found on other moto-gear, Pando Moto decided to use Velcro closures at the wrist. For me, this means opening and closing them each time I don the jacket – which seems more difficult than it should be. If you plan on hanging out in the Capo jacket without the wrists tightly closed, the male side of the Velcro is a constant annoyance against the skin. One other issue some may take with the Capo is the use of a zipper in the front in addition to also having six snaps. It can take some time to get the thing “buttoned up”. It doesn’t bother me, but I’ve seen others mention it.

Pando Moto Capo Cor 1 Jacket Review Pando Moto Capo Cor 1 Jacket Review

The decorative stitching at the top adds a touch of western style to the garment.

Overall, the Pando Moto Capo Cor 1 jacket exudes the same amount of quality and well thought out design that I’ve come to appreciate from the company’s riding jeans – not to mention the fact that it’s also a stylish bit of kit that is comfortable on and off the bike. 

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Pando Moto Capo Cor 1 Jacket FAQ

What is Cordura Denim?

Cordura Denim is designed to help jeans last longer than traditional cotton denim. It’s engineered with a blend of military-grade extruded INVISTA T420 nylon 6,6 staple fiber and cotton for an authentic denim look, feel and comfort, but with enhanced abrasion resistance. Cordura Denims are stronger than conventional cotton denims and retain this strength even after exposure to regular wear and tear, helping jeans last and look new for longer – no matter where they are worn – in the city, on the jobsite, or on a motorcycle.

What is SAS-TEC armor?

The German company SAS-TEC has been creating shock absorbing systems (SAS) for more than 25 years with most of its products being specifically designed for two-wheeled use. The protectors used in the Pando Moto Capo Cor jacket are flexible visco-elastic soft foam and are designed to be as low profile as possible while still offering damping performance of residual impact at around 25kN – enough to surpass EN 1621-1:2012 level 1 standards. This armor is highly flexible and nearly imperceptible under clothing. 

Where is the Pando Moto Capo Cor 1 jacket made?

While the company is based in Lithuania, the garments are listed as “manufactured in Europe.”

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